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ICDS is the most unique programme for early childhood care and development encompassing integrated service for development of children below six years, expectant and nursing mothers and adolescent girls living in the most backward, rural, urban and tribal areas. ICDS has child centered approach based on the rationale that Child Care, Cognitive and psycho social development and child’s health and nutritional wellbeing mutually reinforce each other.


  • (1) Lay foundation for proper psycho – logical, physical and social development of the child.

  • (2) Improve nutritional and health status of children below six years.

  • (3) Reduce incidence of mortality malnutrition and school dropout.

  • (4) Achieve effective co-ordination of policy and implementation amongst various departments.

  • (5) Enhance the capabilities of the mother to look after the normal health and nutritional needs of child through proper nutrition and health education.


  • (1) Non formal preschool education.

  • (2) Supplementary nutrition.

  • (3) Growth Monitoring.

  • (4) Immunization.

  • (5) Health check up.

  • (6) Referred services.

27 ICDS Projects in the District of Murshidabad are providing above services through 8670 operational centers out of total 8671 nos. of sanctioned centers.

At Anganwadi Centers supplementary food is provided with an aim to meet the gap of nearly 1/3 of calories and protein requirement for a day of children below 6 years as well as of pregnant and nursing mothers.

Supplementary food is provided for 300 days in a year i.e. 25 days per month.

Supplementary food is given to severely malnourished children equal to twice the quantity given to moderately malnourished children. While distributing supplementary food special attention is given to children below 3 years of age.


No. of 0-3 years children 326811
No. of 3-6 years children 285818
No. of severely malnourished children 9247
No. of pregnant woman and nursing mother 126084

Chart and Ration size for different categories of beneficiaries is as follows :-

Revised ration size at AWC per beneficiary to be implemented with immediate effect as per memo no 2257 (2)-Sw Dt- 31-07-2013 of the Secretary, Department of Cws. Govt. Of W.B.

ITEM Quantity (in Gram/ ml) Cost (in Rs) Approved Rate
Per quintal (in Rs.) Per gram / Lt (in Rs.)
Rice 40gm 0.880 2200 0.220
M. Dal 10gm 0.630 6300 0.630
Vegetable 0.190
Soyabean 0.10
Oil 2ml 0.180 90 per Lt. 0.090
Salt 2gm 0.020 10 per Kg. 0.010
Egg 1/2 2.00 4.00 per piece
Total Ration Cost 4.00

ITEM Quantity (in Gram/ ml) Cost (in Rs) Approved Rate
Per quintal (in Rs.) Per gram / Lt (in Rs.)
Rice 40gm 0.880 2200 0.220
M. Dal 10gm 0.630 6300 0.630
Vegetable 0.190
Soyabean 0.10
Oil 2ml 0.180 90 per Lt. 0.090
Salt 2gm 0.020 10 per Kg. 0.010
Egg 1 2.00 4.00 per piece
Total Ration Cost 6.00

ITEM Quantity (in Gram/ ml) Cost (in Rs) Approved Rate
Per quintal (in Rs.) Per gram / Lt (in Rs.)
Rice 60 1.320 2200 0.220
M. Dal 15 0.945 6300 0.630
Vegetable 0.435
Soyabean 0.10
Oil 2ml 0.180 90 per Lt. 0.090
Salt 2gm 0.020 10 per Kg. 0.010
Egg 1/2 2.00 4.00 per piece
Total Ration Cost 5.00

Savings / deficits, if any, in respect of purchase of eggs may be adjusted with vegetables, This order takes its effect immediately and will remain valid up to 30th September, 2013.

Food selected for supplementary feeding is included rice, musurdal, soyabean, green vegetables and eggs (1/2 piece for each normal child and pregnant and lactating and one piece for each severely malnourished child. At present total 6,12,629 children and 1,26,084 pregnant & lactating mothers are receiving supplementary nutrition. Among the total children mentioned above, no. of severely malnourished children is 9247.


Pre-school activities in an Anganwadi Centers are planned and organized to promote holistic development of children. Basic kits (TLM) for pre-school activities is provided to Anganwadi Centers by the State Government.


Anganwadi workers keep regular track of growth of child through key indicators like weight, height according to age etc.


Anganwadi workers also ensure that health check up of all the beneficiaries under ICDS is done by Health staff i.e. ANM / LHV / MO.


Immunization facility which protects children against 6 killer diseases like T.B., Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Tetanus, Poliomyelities and Measles is available at Anganwadi Centers. Under Pulse Polio Programme additional dose of OPV is given to all children below 5 years.


Anganwadi workers referred children and women who need medical care to PHC / Hospital using a prescribed referral slip.


At present 1935 Anganwadi Centers are housed in their own building. 1271 centers are housed in primary schools, 191 centers are housed in rented building and 2651 are housed in other building. 2456 centers are running in open space.


Positive Deviance Project which is a community based strategy for prevention and reduction of malnutrition in young children through changing behaviour and care practices of family members is also continued in this district. This programme is running by the complete funding support of NRHM. Strategy of Positive Deviance is :-

  • (1) Capacity Building

  • (2) Convergence

  • (3) Behaviour change communication

  • (4) Case management

  • (5) Community participation and mobilization.

The target group of Positive Deviance Programme is 0-3 years children of all blocks in Murshidabad district. The activities of P.D. Programme are as follows :-

  • (1) Monitoring

  • (2) Checking of P.D. Tools

  • (3) Organizing Mothers’ Meeting

  • (4) Home Visit

  • (5) Salt Testing

  • (6) Starting of Nutritional Counseling & Child Care Session (NCCS).

  • (7) Meeting with CDPO, Supervisor and BMOH, Sector Meeting, 2nd Tuesday Meeting, Pulse Polio Visit, Referral Acute and malnourished children to NRCs.

  • (8) Taking steps against child marriage.

One District Coordinator, One MIS Coordinator and 26 Block Facilitators are engaged for performing the programme of Positive Deviance around the whole district for uplifting the present condition of ICDS beneficiaries and also the woman.

Presented by D.P.O. (ICDS), Murshidabad
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